Sunday, April 6, 2008

Whoopie Cushion Halloween Costume

Inappropriate Halloween Costume #2

From the 2006 Archives:

Here's another classic costume from The Oriental Trading Company. This adult-sized Whoopie Cushion Halloween Costume comes in Pepto Bismol pink and lauds one of the dumbest selections of the neighborhood joke shop. Some people may find it hilarious to try to humiliate unsuspecting folks by setting them up to cut the proverbial cheese but has anyone been able to successfully do this with a whoopie cushion? Isn't the geometry of the joke ruined by the bulging shape of the gag, prompting would-be marks to ask just what the hell is wrong with the sofa before they actually plop into place? This is exactly the reason the electric fart machine was invented.

And does it then follow, as Mikey most eloquently asks, that if you punch the guy in the whoopie cushion costume in the stomach, he will fart?

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