Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sewer Rat Halloween Costume

Inappropriate Halloween Costume #143
I generally abhor life-size animal costumes for their cloying attempts to cuddle us to death but I detest the Sewer Rat Halloween Costume for a completely different reason... it's just so greasy. Taking a page out of a condemned KFC playbook, Sewer Rat dons a wife-beater shirt for added authenticity. All too reminiscent of one of the most hated characters from children's literature - Templeton from Charlotte's Web. The head emerging from the mouth also evokes a powerful gag reflex.


jack @ Cheap Halloween Costume Shop said...

That costume looks so unique and attractive. Last Halloween I wore the pirates costume. But for the next Halloween I love to go with the Sewer Rat Halloween Costume. Thanks for sharing such lovely costume with us.

Kelvin @ Cheap Halloween Costumes said...

This is the first time I have heard about sewer rat Halloween costume and I haven't seen it before too. Yeah the costume looks great and perfect too but I would like say some of my idea. I think it will be nice if we cover up our face and make our eye visible from the rat eye. Hope you upgrade it more I am looking forward to it.