Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sebastian Bach Heavy Metal Halloween Costume Wig

Inappropriate Halloween Costume #52
From the 2006 Archives:

Picture a suburban Mom or Dad gettin’ all duded up in one of these Sebastian Bach Halloween Costume Wigs and the doorbell chimes. Mom or Dad grabs the bowl of Tootsie Pops and greets the neighborhood trick or treaters who grab the candy, take one look at Mom or Dad, chortle and vow to return at midnight to TP the house. Why? Because unless you’re getting ready for just another Saturday night at the Rainbow, this costume will carbon-date you. And if you’re carbon-dated, you’re square. Except if you’re 70+ then you return to cool.

(Now if your heart is set on the Sebastian Bach Glam Rock wig, you can flex your brain and incorporate it into a collective Stars Hallow Supergroup costume featuring Gil, Kirk, Michel, Miss Patty, Taylor and Mrs. Kim. And then I will bow down before you and extend great tidings.)

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