Monday, September 28, 2009

Michael Phelps Halloween Costume

Inappropriate Halloween Costume #120

Hello 2009!

The street name for the Michael Phelps Halloween Costume is Weedies (Wheaties). I originally didn't make the connection to the venerable gold-medal record-breaking Olympiad because the ears are just so huge on this scruffy guy. But on closer inspection, the medals around the neck, the goggles, the swimmer's cap and the bong in hand are telltale signs of the character. Now, the Michael Phelps Halloween Costume presents a conflicting twofold problem. One, parading around as a disgraced persona, a troubled athlete, a fallen media darling and jumping on the crazy "idolize then demonize" train of modern media is just not good karma, dude. Two, camera-friendly Michael Phelps seems to be rebounding nicely from his questionable judgement with continued public support which doesn't make for an outstanding Halloween costume. However, if you decided to rock the Speedo, too... eh, never mind, just don't do it.

The Michael Phelps Halloween Costume is available from Ricky's.

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