Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dr. Condoleeza Rice Halloween Costume Mask

Inappropriate Halloween Costume #21

From the 2006 Archives:

The Dr. Condoleeza "Condi" Halloween Costume Mask is the perfect centerpiece for any United States Secretary of State Halloween Costume.  Honestly, unless a politician is embroiled in some sort of lurid scandal or you're a federal employee in need of an outfit for the office Halloween party (holla' tax dolla's!), I find these costumes rather ho-hum.  But it's your funeral. Take that, Axis of Evil!

By the way, I've also seen Laura Bush Halloween Costume Masks... but really, what's the point?  Unless you're literally trying to bore someone to death.  In which case, you're sick.

The Dr. Condoleeza "Condi" Halloween Costume Mask is available from Buy Costumes.

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