Sunday, April 13, 2008

Osama Bin Laden Mask Halloween Costume

Inappropriate Halloween Costume #9

From the 2006 Archives:

I bet there are plenty of people in the good ol' United States of America who wish this Inappropriate Halloween Costumes wasn't still relevant.

Waaaaaay back in the year 2006 I asked, "Who wants to get the crap beat out of them on Halloween? If that sounds like you then order this Osama Bin Laden mask." A carry-along dialysis machine would make a nice touch, but alas, is not included with the mask.

A rubbery mask with cartoony coal-black eyes and an even blacker soul makes this Halloween outfit-o-evil a perfect fit for Roger Rabbit's Toontown.

It was last seen noodling about Chamber of Horrors.

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